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All of our PVC FREE banners now hold LCA certifications. Officially confirming PVC FREE BANNER.co.uk’s superior eco-performance over traditional PVC banner. PVC-Free, 100% clean and boasting environmental credentials unlike any other product in the large format printing industry.



Our PVC FREE Banner material out perfoms all other products available. It is 50% less weight saving CO2 on delivery. It is stronger than standard PVC banner and has a 1/3 tensile strength improvement.


RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
 Phthalate FREE
Flame Retardancy
Water Reducing Production


Our PVC FREE Banners are manufactured in a way that drastically reduces water consumption. There are no VOC’s produced in our HP Latex ink printing process. Sustainable Banners.

HP latex printing kavalan pvc free banner material

Your Number 1 Choice For PVC FREE Banners

Environmentally friendly and highly customisable, our Kavalan PVC FREE banners come in a wide range of sizes to suit your exact needs from 100mm square to as large as you require, perfect for bespoke signage sites indoor or out. Produced in the UK featuring your stunning high-quality graphics with a wide range of quality finishes.



Display frame systems


Building wraps

Wall Covering

Weather resistant eco-friendly banners

PVC FREE Banners should be your only choice!

Our Kavalan PVC free banners are a fantastic green alternative to traditional PVC materials. Whilst remaining cost-effective and highly effective for gaining maximum exposure with your bespoke stunning graphics printed in the highest quality. Each banner is finished to your exact requirements with easy finishing and fitting solutions to ensure the perfect solution for your branding needs.

Super durable, every Kavalan banner is produced from 360 GSM material making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without weather impacting upon the high-quality graphics. Customise your banner with a finishing solution designed to make the most of your banner including eyelets for wall mounting or simple fitting to a wide range of surfaces with cable ties. Alternatively select from pole pockets for hanging, or Velcro for easy fitting and removal to any surface.


sample kavalan pvc free banner material

High quality PVC FREE Banners

All our Kavalan PVC FREE banners are printed by our team of industry experts, reproducing the highest quality bespoke graphics built to withstand the elements in outdoor use as well as remain vivid inside.

Versatile and long lasting, the Kavalan banner is a great choice for long lasting, highly vivid and adaptable promotional use. Order online today quickly and easily with pricing, multiple finishing choices and artwork submission. Alternatively speak to an industry expert to find out more about Kavalan PVC Free banners and our wide range of services.


“ Often we must choose between doing what is easy, and doing what is right. With PVCFREEBANNER.CO.UK, the easy choice is the right choice – join our green revolution!”

Sunlight PVC Free Banner

Sunlight is guaranteed to put you in a bright and cheery mood. Suitable for both external and internal usage, the Sunlight frontlit banner is an economical and lightweight material combining the smooth flexibility of a non-PVC material with the all the strength and robustness you would expect from traditional PVC.

Spiderweb PVC Free Mesh

Lightweight, strong, and beautiful just like a spiderweb. This product has the strength, performance, look, and feel of PVC mesh banner, with only half the weight. Spiderweb mesh banner delivers excellent ‘show-through’, as well as unrivaled vibrancy and image quality.

Gecko PVC Free Wall Covering

Coated with PVC-free resin, Gecko is perfect for wall decoration. For interior design and event decoration excellence, you can’t go wrong with a one-piece paste-up Gecko wall covering, complete with a self-adhesive backing.

Butterfly PVC Free Double Sided Banner

Spread your wings with Butterfly. Double-sided block-out textile material that remains smooth and level. Perfect as indoor and short-term outdoor two-way signage, pole banner, hanging banner, event banner, sports banner and lots more.

What People Are Saying About PVC FREE Banners.

Happy customers make happy relationships!

Best products, seriously REALLY GOOD QUALITY! PVC Free Banners are top notch – so much better built than any we’ve used before. Pretty much everything we can’t produce in house, these guys have our backs. Plus they get it done fast if you’re in the shxt- I can honestly say we don’t even look around for comparative prices these days, we just give all the work to them. And it reflects really well on us. Always on time, always great quality and tbh very competitive prices. 1000% recommended.

Customer Since 2014

Fantastic company, very efficient and the quality of production is 100% If you are looking for good large format printing, this is the place. The added bonus that all their products fulfill our sustainable buying targets is impressive!

Customer Since 2015

Sustainable Banners that don’t cost the Earth!


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